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1 Overview

2 History

Australia has developed a fuel standard for biodiesel under their Fuel Quality Standards Act 2000. It is referred to as Fuel Standard (Biodiesel) Determination 2003, as seen below. While the technical requirements of this standard include limits that are found in both ASTM D6751 and EN 14214, it is identical to neither of these. The Australian biodiesel standard could therefore be viewed as being substantially different from both ASTM D6751 and EN 14214.

Development of the biodiesel standard began in 2002 and was completed when the standard was codified in 2003.

Australia has also developed detailed technical requirements for E85.

3 Technical Standards

Australian Biodiesel Specifications
ParameterValueTest MethodDate
Sulfur, max50 mg/kg
10 mg/kg
ASTM D545318 Sep 2003
1 Feb 2006
Density860-890 kg/m3ASTM D1298 or
EN ISO 3675
18 Sep 2003
Distillation T90, max360°CASTM D116018 Sep 2003
Sulfated ash, max0.020% massASTM D87418 Sep 2003
Viscosity3.5-5.0 mm2/s @ 40°CASTM D44518 Sep 2003
Flashpoint, min120°CASTM D9318 Sep 2003
Carbon residue, max
- 10% distillation residue, or
- 100% distillation sample

0.30 % mass
0.050 % mass

EN ISO 10370
ASTM D4530
18 Sep 2003
Water and sediment, max0.050% volASTM D270918 Sep 2003
Ester content, min96.5% massprEN 1410318 Sep 2003
Phosphorus, max10 mg/kgASTM D495118 Sep 2003
Acid value, max0.80 mg KOH/gASTM D66418 Sep 2003
Total contamination, max24 mg/kgEN 12662
ASTM D5452
18 Sep 2004
Free glycerol, max0.020% massASTM D658418 Sep 2004
Total glycerol, max0.250% massASTM D658418 Sep 2004
Oxidation stability, min6 hours @ 110°CprEN 14112 or
ASTM D2274
(as relevant for biodiesel)
18 Sep 2004
Metals≤ 5 mg/kg Group I (Na, K)
≤ 5 mg/kg Group II (Ca, Mg)
prEN 14108
prEN 14109 (Group I)
prEN 14538 (Group II)
18 Sep 2004
Methanol< 0.20% massprEN 1411018 Dec 2004
Copper strip corrosion (3 hrs @50°C), maxIf the biodiesel contains no more than 10 mg/kg of sulfur: Class 1

If the biodiesel contains more than 10 mg/kg of sulfur: No. 3
EN ISO 2160

18 Dec 2004
Cetane number, min51.0EN ISO 5165
ASTM D6890
IP 498/03
18 Sep 2005

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